Upcoming Programming Meeting – Thursday 1/25/18

Good afternoon ladies!
It’s time for our January Program meeting!  Since January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we decided to keep with that theme.  Our speaker will be Mrs. VanDella Menifee, representing It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc.  Mrs. Menifee sits on the board of this nonprofit that is working to eradicate human trafficking.
Mrs. Menifee is retired and very active in the community.  She was the recipient of the 2016 MISD Ambassador of Education Award and is the PTA president at James Coble Middle School. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the MISD Education Foundation and various organizations throughout the community.
Please come out and bring a guest!  Lunch will be provided by Liz Paynes, Donna Koepke, Carol Bell and Doranna Corley.

Inline image 2About It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc.

It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc. (IGTBOK) was founded to bring awareness, help, provide hope and healing to those affected by human trafficking, and sexual exploitation by CEO Survivor Tonya Stafford. They are a nonprofit organization that is passionate about educating, and eradicating human trafficking. Their mission is to eradicate human trafficking and seek to create a just world where women, children, and all vulnerable adults are safe, respected, and valued.

Check out It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc. at!

Inline image 1

Thanks and have an awesome day!


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