SIGP House History

Written By Mrs. Billy Joe (Judy) Armstrong

The property was owned by Dr. H.V. Copeland, who used it for a garden and grape vineyard.  Dr. Copeland’s home is just west and is now an historical site.  Jim Powers, owner of a local vending machine company, bought the property to build a home for his sister, Bessie Pearl Powers Bostick and husband, Luke Bostick and their family.  At the time the Bostick family was living on a farm south of Grand Prairie (approx. 477 acres which now includes McFalls Park).  Mr. Powers wanted his sister and family closer to town and other family members because she was raising two grandchildren and a niece as well as her own children.  The family moved into the home on December 8, 1941.  They were scheduled to move the day before: Pearl Harbor Day”, but a leak caused a delay.

Those living in the home were Mr. and Mrs. Luke Bostick and their children, Lonnie Copeland (named for Dr.Copeland), Tom Bill and James Marvin.  Their daughter, Elizabeth, had died leaving two small children, Dorothy Lou and Billy Joe Armstrong, who were being raised by their grandparents.  Also living in the home was a niece, Nettie Powers, daughter of John Powers, who was a widower.

Lonnie Copeland Bostick was killed on Iwo Jima during World War II and is listed on G.P.’s Veterans Memorial.  His body lay in state in the living room of the home before a military burial at Southland Cemetery.  The same week, another fallen soldier, Hobson Jackson, lay in state in the home just to the east of 121 Dallas.  This old brick home was later demolished.

An Interesting sideline:  Tom Bill Bostick, also a Marine during WW II, was on ship at Iwo Jima, and was taken ashore where he found his brother’s grave.

On April 6, 1952, Bessie died at age 56 from an apparent heart attack and the home was later bought by Tom Bill from his father.  Tom Bill and his wife, Glenda Fulton Bostic, raised their three children, James Mark, Kevin, and Pamela Bostick Duff, in the home for the years preceding its sale to the Soroptimist Club.

Information on construction: (all local workers)

  • Contractor:  Ira Crouch
  • Cabinet maker:  Perry Nash (later became Police Chief of G.P.)
  • Painter: Buck Gulliet (lifetime resident of GP)
  • Electrical: Ward Electric
  • Concrete: Naylor Concrete (laid piers for foundation, etc.)
  • Floors:  Hardwood floors laid by Bobby Whitset

Purchaser’s Statement:

  • Sale…Bostic   to Soroptimist Club  Date 8-5-1963
  • Irene Paxton was the President.  Trustees were Stella Rohde, ? and Tinie May Baker
  • Sold thru Turner Real Estate
  • Purchase price $11,000 plus fees of $170.73
  • We assumed a note of $6,484.77
  • Put down $4,515.23 cash
  • Payments were $60.11
  • Release of Lien was filled on May 21, 1970
  • Marked Paid in Full on April 30, 1970
  • Jo R. Campbell was President and Stella Rohde Treas.

The item below is dated August 12, 1963

Description of property as follows:  Being Lot Six (6) and the East one-half of Lot Seven (7) in Block Thirty one (31) of the Town of Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas according to the map recorded in Volume 32, page 578 of the Deed Records, Dallas County, Texas

Following Liens:

Note in the amount of $6,900.00, dated January 2, 1962, executed by Thomas W. Bostick and wife, Glenda Bostick and payable to Grand Prairie Savings and Loan Assn., secured by Deed of Trust of even date executed by Thomas W. Bostick and wife, Glenda Bostick to Ernest Aver, Trustee, having been filed or record with the County Clerk of Dallas County, Texas, on January 18, 1962, under Clerk’s File No. 12047.